Is Neymar really back on training?

Is Neymar really back on training?

One thing that is on the mind of all the Barcelona fans is that will the Brazilian football star, Neymar, be playing in the LaLiga 2014 season. Well, here is a relief as Neymar had his first training ever since the epic knee kick during FIFA World Cup 2014.

On the 4th of July, between the quarterfinals between Brazil and Columbia, the 22-year-old was knee kicked by the Columbian defender Juan Zuniga. And that is when, the Brazilian forward cried over a broken vertebra.

In a press conference after Brazil loosing to German, Neymar said that while he was kicked in the back he couldn’t feel his legs. And if the kick would have penetrated another 2cm more, probably he would have ended up in a wheelchair. Surprisingly, in the early August news came in stating that the Brazilian superstar is very close to his recovery.

And just a few days back, the Barcelona website announced, “Neymar is back in training with the rest of the first-team squad.” However, he will have to clear the clubs medical examination. The medical examination will be done thoroughly and will define if the Barcelona FC forward is all set to get on the field.

Barcelona have their match against Elche on the 24th August. So that gives Neymar some time to prep up for the Spanish league.

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