Jennifer Anniston beauty secrets:

Jennifer Anniston beauty secrets:

Jennifer Anniston is known for her ageless beauty, perfecting hairstyles and the cool style. Some of the secrets that she has shared about herself are:

  • The clothes and shirts which she wears are tailored by her. She keeps them perfectly fitted, showing off her curves.
  • For her all time rocking hairstyles, her hair stylist Christopher McMilan has made her perfectly accustomed with the use to a hair dryer and a round brush. She also feels that her hair looks better the day after her workout session, in that slept-in look.
  • To keep her hair healthy, she uses a Restore Mask, commercially sold by Living Proof, for her hair. She uses it once a week to repair the damaged hair and fight hairfall and hair ageing.
  • She also uses the Beach spray by Living Proof for her hair, and says that it doesn’t dry up her hair, and also that it doesn’t contain silicones. Silicone containing hair sprays attract oil and dirt which spoil the hair after some uses
  • Regarding her ageless skin, she says that some of it is hereditary as her father also doesn’t show any wrinkle and even her grandmother didn’t, when she died. The other important routines include drinking lots of water and getting proper sleep. Also using good products for her skin and not using too much of products.

  • For diet, she uses healthy food stuffs like Greek salad and prefers a low carb diet. She also prefers being healthy by routine workout and eats bread once a week.
  • She doesn’t believe in the pressure of looking ageless by using toxins for skin tightening. She likes to carry her skin the natural way, with a minimal makeup even when she is being captured.
  • For the anti ageing and skin tightening effect, she prefers LED light therapy, laser treatments and skin massages.
  • She also uses silicon free hair shampoo and conditioner by Living Proof to keep her hair oil and dirt free.
  • She prefers a high SPF broad spectrum sunscreen while stepping out in the sun.
  • She prefers to keep a simple pony with a hat or sunglasses, carrying that casual look pretty well when she is in a hurry.
  • In her busy routine, she doesn’t miss to have time for an infrared sauna, which keeps her detoxified and relaxed.
  • In makeup, she prefers nude makeup which does not give an overdone look and keep it simple and beautiful.

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