Is that what you call being overwhelmed or having an anxiety attack?

Is that what you call being overwhelmed or having an anxiety attack?

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Celebrities are humans, just like you and me. They too feel happy, sad, overwhelmed…get anxiety attack…What? You thought these people do not get any anxiety attack? That they would not suffer from any anxiety disorders? There are a couple of celebrities who go through the anxiety problem. Celebrities are constantly in spotlight. Every single camera in the room is starring at them without a blink. And this all sometimes could be overwhelming, well, at least that’s how the audience views it. Sadly, that is not the true picture.

Scarlet Johannson, the black widow of Hollywood, goes through nervousness issues while on the film sets. Also she has been gone through a panic attack during the filming of certain movies like The Avengers. Rest of the time she appears quite calm and relaxed. But yes, this hottie has some serious anxiety issues.

Howie Mandel suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder, a.k.a, OCD. He particularly fears of germs. During his time of hosting Deal or No Deal, back in 2009, Mandel went public with his fear. Rumor has it that he usually does not shake hands and he tends to inspect a hotel room with a black light before staying in. Sadly, this is no cure as such to this compulsive behavior, he deals with it knowing the fact.

With the passing of her parents during her early 20’s, Paula Deen then had her first anxiety attack. The southern chef has the fear of danger. Certain situations or environments makes her fearful. Also, out of the fear of dying, she stayed in the house for couple of weeks. This fear of dying, further gave her an anxiety attack.

Can you believe that one time Golden Globe winner, Johnny Depp gets nervous during interviews? Usually, he doesn’t talk on his anxiety, but during his interviews he tends to show signs of it. He often gets uncomfortable or shy. And that is when he avoids certain interview questions. Another fact on the legendary Jack Sparrow is that he keeps therapists on sets who would help him over come the anxiety.

The Rolling in the Deep singer, suffers from stage fright. She also suffers from panic attack and social phobia. Some say that Adele was freaked out during her performance in the early 2011and 2012. The scariest of all anxiety attack would be Donny Osmond. His anxiety attacks are worst. At times his colleagues have found him in the corner of the room, curled up in baby like position. His anxiety has generated from his own stardom. He constantly had the fear of failing and failing or disappointing others around him.

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